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Mr. David Kohlmeier, the dynamic and inspiring Director of Client Relations for the Las Vegas Legal Network, has dedicated his life to serving his community. With 17 dedicated years of service in the Henderson Police Department and the New York Police Department, David's law enforcement career is a testament to his commitment to justice and his resolve to make a difference.

His passion for ensuring the safety and well-being of his community led him to specialize in various community-oriented programs during his policing career. His experience includes implementing and teaching the DARE and DREAMS Programs, aimed at educating young minds about the dangers of drugs and teaching them about self-esteem and resilience. His tireless efforts in patrolling the streets, engaging with the community, and working closely with homeless camps reflect his deep-rooted commitment to addressing social issues head-on.


Further, David specialized in working with Homeowners Associations, helping them implement measures to prevent crime and enhance the quality of life in their communities. He partnered with these associations to create safer, more secure living spaces that provided residents peace of mind and fostered a stronger sense of community.


Since retiring from law enforcement seven years ago, David has not wavered in his commitment to community service. Instead, he pivoted his passion to the legal realm, founding the Las Vegas Legal Network. Here, he serves as a crucial liaison, pairing individuals in need with the right attorney, guiding them through their legal journeys, and ensuring they receive the required assistance.


In addition to this, David hosts a popular Podcast and Television Show, The Problem Solver. This platform is another testament to his dedication to education and community outreach. Using his show as a tool, he effectively dispenses critical information and provides invaluable assistance to the local community. Airing Tuesdays on Cox Channel 14 at 6 PM, The Problem Solver is an essential resource for many.


One of David's most impactful contributions to the community in recent times is his efforts toward solving cold cases. He has been instrumental in shedding light on the discoveries of human remains at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, helping resolve longstanding mysteries. In line with this effort, David initiated a funding campaign to support the discovery of additional human remains. His Bodies in Barrels initiative gained national attention when he offered a $5,000 reward to certified divers locating other bodies in barrels.


A recognized security expert, David Kohlmeier is often sought after for his insights on various policing issues. His extensive experience and nuanced understanding of the law enforcement landscape make him a valuable contributor to discussions in the public sphere. His presence on numerous television segments further spreads his knowledge and advice, contributing to a better-informed public.


David Kohlmeier is more than just a retired police officer or a Director of Client Relations. He is a community servant, a legal advocate, an educator, and a problem solver. His unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of justice continue to uplift the communities he serves. Should you wish to contact him for queries or assistance, he can be directly contacted at 702-999-1111. His passion for community, commitment to justice, and drive to educate continues to make a profound difference in the Las Vegas area.

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