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Mr. David Kohlmeier is Director of Client Relations for the Las Vegas Legal Network. David is a
retired police officer who served 17 years for the Henderson Police Department and the NYPD.
Patrolling the streets, David specialized in Community Policing, taught both the DARE &
DREAMS Programs, working with homeless camps, and specialized in working with HOA's to
prevent crime leading to an increased quality of life.

Since retiring from law enforcement 7 years ago, David's passion is helping the community. He
founded Las Vegas Legal Network to assist pairing people with the right attorney and helping
them with their legal needs.

Mr. Kohlmeier's Podcast and Television Show, The Problem Solver, serves to educate and help
our local community. The Problem Solver Show airs Tuesdays on Cox Channel 14 at 6 PM.
Interestingly enough, due to the popularity of the show, David and his Co-Hosts, Danny and
Beija, will have a spin off show called The Las Vegas Crime Solvers, in which the team will
solve cold cases.

Currently, David's efforts to help solve cold cases has shed light on the recent discoveries of
human remains at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. David recently began a funding
campaign to help find additional human remains to help bring closure to both the individuals
discovered and to their friends and families. Bodies in Barrels became a national news story
when he offered a $5,000 reward to certified divers who locate any additional bodies in barrels.
David Kohlmeier has also been on numerous television segments discussing policing issues.
Here is a small list of television segments in which he was used as a security expert in regards
to his comments and opinion. If you have any questions, please contact him directly at 702-999-

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